Sanan Mammadov | Code: 212 | Region: Baku

Residing in Baku, Sanan Mammadov is one of the young artists supported by “ABAD”.

He is engaged in artistic wood carving art. According to Sanan, he has always been aspiring for a career in this field and started this creative activity by drawing:
“Since I remember myself I have been drawing on the surface of things. I knew that I am gonna be a painter when I grow up. My dad is a woodworker. After a certain time he started to engage me in his works, thus I started to learn the secrets of this craft.”
Sanan Mammadov’s first handiwork was letters carved out of wood and he prepares intriguing wooden boxes for “ABAD” at the moment.
“Previously, we were working on orders. The thing that I did not like in this process was that when there was not any order I was getting upset. However, I am really excited to make new souvenirs on a regular basis for “ABAD” and it gives me great pleasure.”

Should be noted that Sanan’s handiwork is available at all “ABAD” ethno-boutiques.

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