"Icherisheher" Traditional Art Center will present new designs to "ABAD" families

“İçərişəhər” Ənənəvi İncəsənət Mərkəzi “ABAD”çı ailələrə yeni dizaynlar təqdim edəcək

On April 21, 2017 an agreement on cooperation was signed between "ABAD" public legal entity and "Icherisheher" Traditional Art Center .

According to the contract, the Traditional Art Center will present new designs and ideas for the artisan families whose handicrafts were put up for sale in "ABAD" exhibition-sale center in Icherisheher.

The presented designs will cover various spheres of national Azerbaijani culture, as well as the history of country and they will reflect country’s worth seeing places.

It should be noted that on March 18, 2017, “ABAD” exhibition and sales center was launched in the territory of the Icherisheher State Historical and Architectural Reserve.

At the initial stage, 63 types of 2,000 art samples from more than 500 families and the products of other 5 families in 10 varieties (jams, preserves, honey etc.) were put up for sale at “ABAD” exhibition-sale center.

At present, “ABAD” exhibition and sales center has become one of the most-visited places by foreign visitors in the territory of “Icherisheher” Reserve.

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