“ABAD” provided support to family households in Masally and Balaken

“ABAD” Masallı və Balakəndə ailə təsərrüfatlarına dəstək oldu

As requisite production facilities, monoblock containers have been handed over by “ABAD” regional centers in Masally and Balaken to family businesses located in those regions.

These monoblock containers provide for the entire manufacturing line of cheese, jams and preserve products.

The equipment enables the manufacture of previously homemade products in conformity with all standards.

Moreover, branding, packaging and design of ABAD families’ products are being carried out. ABAD manages certification of its beneficiary families’ products based on the “single window” principle and their sales.

It should be noted that “ABAD” public legal entity was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 23 September 2016, and commenced as a pilot project during its initial phase in Masally region.

The objective is to provide support to the development of small and medium entrepreneurship, raising the employment rate of the population and the establishment of competitive family businesses.

In accordance with the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between ABAD and the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Balaken region has been selected as the second pilot region where the concept of “ASAN Support to Family Business” will be applied.

So far 12 family households in Masally and Balaken regions have been procured with monoblock containers as requisite production facilities.

At present, work is underway to assist other family businesses that have applied for ABAD support.

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