The products of “ABAD” families are at Bravo supermarket chains

“ABAD”çı ailələrin məhsulları “Bravo” supermarketlər şəbəkəsində

The products of ABAD families are at “Bravo” supermarkets chain

The products of family farms supported by ABAD put up for sale at “Bravo” supermarkets chain. Thus, the products of "ABAD" families can be purchased at “Bravo” supermarket in "Ganjlik Mall" and at “Bravo Express”, operating at Khagani 26/32 (formerly known as “Tahir 97” Store).

Offered jam and preserve products are produced by ABAD Family Farms of Masally and Balakan rayons. The products are presented under the brand name and design that were generated by ABAD for those families.

At the initial stage, the preserve brands that were put up for sale are mentioned below:

“Balməkan”, “Dənə-dənə” , “Yay səbəti” , “Bağımızın bəhrəsi”, “Budaqdan”, “Bal kimi”, “Meyvə bağı”.

In the upcoming period, the ABAD family farms expected to expand the range of offered products.

Hence, the sausages under the brand names of "Kendli", "Bizim nemet"  and the cheese under the brand names of “Şərəfə”, “Hənifə” will be put up for sale.

The products produced by ABAD families are completely natural and have no chemical compounds. These products are produced using equipment rendered by ABAD. Each product has received compliance and hygiene certificates passing through a proper inspection.

It is worthy of note that “ABAD” public legal entity was established on the initiative of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan  Ilham Aliyev on 23 September 2016.

The goal is to promote the involvement of citizens in the socio-economic development of Azerbaijan, to support small and medium entrepreneurship, to increase the employment level of the population and carry out socially oriented projects through forming competitive family farms.

Priority directions of ABAD public legal entity are to support the family businesses operating in the fields of decorative-applied folk art and farming.

"ABAD" operates as a pilot project in Masalli and Balakan districts.

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