The “Kəndli” sausage and the “Şərəfə” cheese brands presented by “ABAD”, were put up for sale

“ABAD”ın təqdim etdiyi “Kəndli” kolbasası və “Şərəfə” pendiri satışa çıxarıldı
The Rahimovs and Shukurovs families both are supported by “ABAD” PLE and the meat and dairy products produced by these families has been put up for sale.
These families are from Masally district and the sausages of Rahimovs’ are presented under the brand name of “Kəndli” and the cheeses of Shukurovs’ under the brand name of “Şərəfə” and these products can be purchased at “Bravo” hypermarkets chain.
The products are prepared using only local raw materials and natural spices so that they are distinguished by their peculiar and delicate flavor.
The depiction of Akhmedagha Rahimov, the producer of these sausages and head of the Rahimovs’ family was illustrated for product’s package design and “ABAD” label placed on product as an indicator of quality mark.
Should note that these products are manufactured in monobloc containers equipped with modern technologies that provided by “ABAD”. These equipment, which meets all necessary standards, have relevant technical certificates.
It should be reminded that “ABAD” public legal entity was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated 23 September 2016 under the subordination of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. "ABAD" centers implement projects to support families operating in the field of decorative-applied folk arts and farming.

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