A press tour organized in “ABAD” Shaki Ceramics and Applied Art Centre

“ABAD” Şəki Keramika və Tətbiqi Sənət Mərkəzinə press-tur təşkil edib

A press-tour was held for the media representatives on November 22,
2011, by the public legal entity "ABAD" in the Shaki Ceramics and
Applied Art Centre.
Director of “ABAD” Rufat Elchiyev and Coordinator of Shaki Ceramics and
Applied Art Centre Mir Teymur Mammadov provided detailed information on
the Center's goal and activities.
It was noted that ceramics are the embodiment of the residential
lifestyle of nations. The history of ancient civilizations is measured
by this art. Ceramics was originally used to store food, seeds and other
things in places where people populated and dwelled in.
According to Mir Teymur Mammadov, many ceramic samples and ancient wood
stoves have been discovered during archaeological excavations throughout
the entire territory of Azerbaijan, especially in Shaki:
"In the IX century, Shaki was not popular only for its carpets and
sweets, but also with ceramics. The presence of local rich clay reserves
has contributed to the development of art in its turn. "
Rufat Elchiyev noted that this is why the establishment of this centre
here which is the first ceramics centre of South Caucasus did not happen
by chance:
“The building of the Shaki Ceramics and Applied Art Centre is one of the
five barrack buildings inside the fortress walls located in the “Yuxarı
Baş” State Historical-Architectural Reserve. The building is a
historic-architectural monument built in 1867. The building was
reconstructed in 2018 with the support of PASHA Holding by ABAD public
legal entity. The main purpose of the centre is to restore the
historical pottery traditions of Shaki and pass on this heritage to
future generations.”
Later on, media representatives were introduced to the ceramics art as
well as carpet weaving and other handcrafting areas at the centre. They
were informed that the goal is to train and prepare new artisans.
Director of ABAD informed the media representatives about theoretical
and applied courses, ceramic kilns, equipment, and other materials:
"Citizens who do not have such professional appliances in their homes
can use all the services of the centre. The people who are joining from
other regions can stay at the "Guest zone" of the centre free of charge.
It should be noted that the inauguration of the similar ceramics centre
in Nardaran settlement of Baku envisaged for next year.

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