One more ABAD in-store shop launched in “Bravo” 20 January hypermarket on Tbilisi Avenue.

“ABAD”ın daha bir bakaleyası açılıb

The natural food products prepared at small family farms of ABAD beneficiaries will be available here. In this respect, the number of in-store shops totaled four together with the last shop.

“ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” Ahmadli Hypermarket

“ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” Koroghlu Hypermarket

“ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” Ganjlik Mall Supermarket

“ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” 20 January Hypermarket

Should be reminded that the “ABAD” public legal entity run by the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established by presidential Decree dated 23 September 2016. According to the Decree, “ABAD” (ASAN Support to Family

Business) centers are established to carry out socially oriented projects aimed at ensuring the active participation of the citizens in the social-economic life of the Republic of Azerbaijan,developing small and medium entrepreneurship, raising the employment rate of the population and supporting the

establishment of competitive family businesses in the country.

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