The products of 5 more “ABAD” families are available in the market

Daha 5 ABADçı ailəsinin qida məshulları satışa çıxarıldı

A new variety of consumer goods produced by family farms supported by “ABAD” have been put up for sale.
Thus, brand-new and high-quality food products are waiting for their customers at the “Bravo” hypermarkets and the “ABAD” in-store boutiques operating there:
• "Lyubitelskaya" and "Doktorskaya" sausages of the Agasiev family;
• "Baharat" cheese of the Niftaliyev family;
• Eggplant spread of the Mammadli family;
• The black cumin seed oil of the Sabzaliev family;
• Dried Apples of the Jafarov family.

New meat and dairy products, such as "Lyubitelskaya" and "Doktorskaya" sausages of the Aghasiev family, "Baharat" cheese of the Niftaliyev family and the Jafarov family are produced in Guba "ABAD" Factory production complex. Eggplant spread is prepared by the Mammadli family in Masally.
It should be noted that food products under the "ABAD" brand have passed all attestation and certification in accordance with technical regulations. The utmost attention is paid to the quality of these products.
“ABAD” (Simplified Support to Family Businesses) public legal entity run by the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established by the Presidential Decree dated 23 September 2016. The main purpose on establishing the organization is to carry out socially oriented projects aimed at ensuring the active participation of the citizens in the social-economic life of the Republic of Azerbaijan, developing small and medium entrepreneurship, raising the employment rate of the population and supporting the formation of competitive family businesses in the country.
“ABAD” centres implement assistance projects for family businesses in two priority directions; arts and agriculture. At present, 28 food brands are presented in the market.

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